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Personality Tests and More

Top 3 Bottom 3 Leadership Traits We recently had a fantastic instructor from the Defense Acquisition University provide a course that covered leadership and management topics including a couple of 10-item leadership lists. We were told to examine these lists and note where our strengths and weaknesses may lie. I will provide the lists below, but I will not go into significant detail about the context in which they are listed. Taken from Secrets of Special Ops Leadership Create the Best Dare the Impossible Throw the Rulebook Away Be Where the Action Is Commit and Require Total Commitment Demand Tough Discipline Build a Commando Team Inspire Others to Follow Your Vision Accept Full Blame; Give Full Credit Take Charge Taken from "Make Your Bed" Start your day with a task completed You can't go at it alone Only the size of your heart matters Life's not fair - drive on! Failure can make you stronger You must dare greatly Stand up to the bullies Rise to the occasion Give pe