A few years ago, our kid watches an animation that featured mummies.  Being young, he recalls this experience and gets too scared to fall asleep by himself.  As he gets older, I try to motivate him to push through it, but I usually cave in.

Yesterday was one such day.  He was upset by the mummies, but instead of going through a similar pattern that we had done several times before, he exclaimed that he was born wrong.  No phrase can be more disturbing to me.  My kid questioning his own existence at the age of six because he's scared of mummies makes me question a lot.

How can I make him more resilient?  How can I make him see that his weaknesses are something he can improve upon?  Maybe such an analysis is not necessary.  After all, kids don't understand the weight of such language, but such questions must be answered in all areas of life.  I owe it to myself, my family, my friends, and colleagues to be a source of strength and inspiration. 


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