EQ 2.0

EQ 2.0 is a summary to the original Emotional Intelligence. Some years ago, my dad gave me a copy of the original and I had the opportunity to read through it. EQ 2.0 is a valuable book with practical tips for taking action.

EQ combines four different elements:

1. Self-awareness - the ability to understand your own feelings and behaviors.

2. Self-management - keeping yourself in situations in which you know you'll be able to behave correctly.

3. Social awareness - Understanding the feelings of others

4. Relationship management - Building stronger relationships with the important people in your life.

I don't expect this to be my final take on this topic.  We'll have a seminar on these topics shortly.  When I took the self-assessment, I scored the weakest on social awareness.  As such, I have tried implementing three countermeasures per the books recommendation:

1. People watching

2. Paying attention to body language

3. Preparing a back-pocket question

The first two are a bit tricky.  I don't want people to get self-conscience because I'm staring at them.  The third one was deliberately what I thought would be easy, but I frequently forget the question I have prepared when placed in a question where conversation is not flowing.

These three things are still something I've been at in spite of getting done with the book in mid-May.  More later!


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