Getting Things Done

This first time I read about this book was on a Reddit thread with book recommendations for Project Managers. As the name would suggest, it's primary focus is on productivity. Before we dive into the meat of it, the following image includes the general workflow. (btw, I made the chart via

Early on, David Allen places a lot of emphasis on the fact that having large to-do lists, especially non-written to-dos, can create a a lot mental strain on individuals. For example, you may be generally aware that you need to buy someone a present within the next couple of weeks. You know that you want to buy it at least a couple days prior, but the task keeps repeating in your head, over and over. This roughly translates into Mr. Allen's call for organization.

How do we organize?

  1. Receive Stuff
  2. Categorize Stuff
  3. Decide What to do with Stuff
    • Do
    • Delegate
    • Defer
    • Tidy
    • Trash
  4. Review
  5. Engage
  6. Plan

I'm not quite yet sure if I want to get engage with this type of organizing, but it's nice to put some thought towards the current methods I have in place.


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